How to get easy money with online payday loans no credit check

Get quick and easy money thanks to the mini-credits, with which you will have up to 1,200 euros in just 15 minutes in your account. Compare for free and discover how to get easy money without paperwork or complications:

How to get easy money with loans

Currently, it is possible to get easy money thanks to some online loans with which we can get small amounts of financing in just a few minutes. With mini-credits we can get up to 1,200 euros in 15 minutes without needing to change banks, be clients or submit too much documentation. These types of loans are designed to deal with small incidentals such as paying fines or paying a plumber. Its repayment term never exceeds 30 days and have a cost of 1.1% daily. To reimburse them, it is made in a single installment composed of capital plus interest at the end of the agreed date.

These online payday loans no credit check are requested online through simply by filling out an online form and sending a minimum of documentation. As your processes are fully automated we can get an immediate response and money in our account instantly.

When should I apply for mini-credits?

Getting easy money online through mini-credits is a quick and convenient way to get the capital we seek. However, as the purpose and characteristics of this type of credits are far from other types of loans, it is essential to take into account some variables to decide if it is a good idea to request them and do it responsibly.

The first thing we must take into account is that the mini-credits with which to get easy money have a maximum return period of 30 days and that they must be reimbursed in a single payment of the money requested plus the interest generated, that is, if we request 100 euros to return in 30 days (with a cost of 1.1% daily), at the end of 30 days we will refund 133 euros in total. This means that to be able to request them responsibly we must be completely sure that we will be able to face the return of the credit on the agreed date and without problems.

In addition, these credits are designed for specific cases. If we request them for recurring expenses we can fall into a debt spiral from which it is very difficult to leave. So, if this month we must reimburse 133 euros of the mini-credits and request another one to face the recurrent expense and to reimburse the credit, at the end of each month we will end up requesting more amount.

In short, to get easy money responsibly we must apply only for specific cases (a fine, pay the locksmith, fix an appliance …) and always being completely sure that we can deal with the return of all the capital plus the interests in a single payment.

How to get easy money with ASNEF

Although being in ASNEF significantly reduces our chances of getting money, with some mini-credits it will be possible to get the easy money with ASNEF that we are looking for. However, in order for our application to be approved, we must comply with two additional requirements to the general contracting conditions. These two extra requirements will allow the entity to evaluate if our level of indebtedness is correct or too high:

  • The debt cannot be related to any financial default, that is, it can not come from a non-payment of a credit card or a personal loan or due to a bank overdraft.
  • The maximum amount should not exceed 200 euros of debt, although depending on the entity the maximum amount could reach 500 or 1,000 euros.

Fulfilling these two requirements and the general conditions of hiring (being of legal age, having a regular and sufficient income and residing in Spain) we can opt for this type of credit without problems and get the easy money we are looking for.

Can I hire easy money without payroll?

Yes. As long as we have a source of income that allows us to meet the repayment of the loan that we request, we can get easy money without payroll and without problems. In order for the entities to consider that the alternative remuneration to the payroll is valid, they will request that said income be (1) regular, that is to say, that we receive them on a monthly basis and lengthened in time; (2) sufficient to be able to cope with the repayment of the loan plus the interest without unbalancing our economy and (3) justifiable by means of some official document.

The self-employed, pensioners or people with scholarships or unemployment benefits are some examples of profiles with alternative income to the payroll and that meet the aforementioned requirements. Whenever they are considered valid to be able to face the payment of the requested easy money, we will not have any problem in obtaining any type of financing.

How to get easy money step by step

With online mini-credits, getting money is very easy thanks to the fact that their processes are completely online and with little documentation. Although each entity has its own application protocols in accordance with its risk policies, the vast majority usually follow similar steps to hire them:

  1. Choose quantity and term: thanks to its online simulators we can choose the amount and the deadline and know instantly how much we will pay in total, the interest that will be generated and the date of return before entering any personal data.
  2. Fill out the online form: it will take a few minutes to detail our identifying data, economic data and contact information. This form will be used by the entity to analyze our profile and grant us a pre-approval.
  3. Send documentation: once our request has been pre-approved, the entity will ask us to send some documents to verify our identity and the information we have detailed in the form. In general, it will be enough to send our identity document, bank statement, and proof of income.
  4. Read and sign the contract: with the analysis of the documentation our application will be definitively approved and we will send the contract of credit, which we must read carefully and, if we agree with all the clauses that appear, sign and send again to the entity.

Once the entity has received the signed contract, the contract will be formalized and immediately and automatically the money transfer order will be given to the current account that we have indicated. Usually, we can get the money in our account in about 15 minutes since the entity receives the signed contract.

How to reimburse the easy money obtained?

The mini-credits with which we can get easy money allow us to choose between different types of reimbursement to return the credit within the agreed period. If you can not direct payments to your bank account as a bank would, the refund method is “manual”.

On the one hand, it is possible to reimburse the credit through a transfer that we can make through the online banking or in an office of our entity. On the other hand, it is also possible to make a cash deposit in the account that the lender indicates, in this case, it must be made in the entity where the lender has the account in person. Finally, an increasingly common option is to make the refund of easy money through a debit card payment. As if it were an online purchase we simply have to go to the website of the entity and enter the data of our card.

Let us choose the way to reimburse the easy money that we choose. It is essential that we always identify the payment correctly so that the entity that grants easy money knows that we have returned it correctly and within the indicated period.